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After removing the old stopper, take out the old drain flange, or the housing that connects the tub and drain to the pipe below. From start to finish, installing a new drain should only take some elbow grease and an hour of your time! Keep them in a safe place until you reinstall the drain. Tip: If you have trouble turning the flange, try heating it for 1 or 2 how do you hook up a tub drain with a hair dryer set to high. Tip: Keep in mind the linkage rod catches hair and other debris, so it requires regular cleaning. Stick with a lever-style drain if you prefer that design and don't mind cleaning it.

If you have any misgivings about doing it, hire a plumber who has the experience to install it and the license to hook up the fixtures. The first step in installing a tub is to set in place a ledger board that supports the edges of the tub that contact the walls of the tub enclosure. Push the tub into the enclosure and mark the top of the flange on the wall studs with a pencil. Measure and mark the location for how do you hook up a tub drain top of the ledger, usually about 1 inch below the first mark. Use coarse drywall screws to fasten the ledger board horizontally and level across the back wall of the alcove. Fasten shorter ledger boards to the ends of the enclosure, level with the board you install on the back wall.

Owners of older homes frequently dream of upgrading their bathtubs. You might just want to banish all traces of the decorating schemes of the s, or need to add functionality or ease of cleaning. No matter the how do you hook up a tub drain, bathtubs are added and replaced by homeowners on a regular basis. The most difficult part of installing the tub itself is hooking up the bathtub drain to the rough plumbing. If there is no access to the drain from behind or below, and your tub is sitting in its permanent spot, it is best to consult an expert to hook-up your drain. Open the access panel that hides the tub drain rough-in.
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